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FoxFan Species and customs!

Meet Our

Original Species Foxfan!

For more info See their Ref:
Seasonal Foxfan Auction// CLOSED by Belliko-artFoxFan Refference (Closed Species) by Belliko-art


Naipes & Chibis

Customizable Naipes Ref by Belliko-art Canine/Kitsune Customizable by Belliko-art Customizable Chibi single and couple by Belliko-art

..::-Hey guys =D we're showing our recent customizables right now :meow:
-Click on the picture to read the rules, please :D

-As always. thanks a lot of for your support :hug: ~Belliko-art



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Halloween Foxfan//Auction//OPEN (1/4) by Belliko-art
Halloween Foxfan//Auction//OPEN (1/4)
Foxfan are an Original Closed Species by us, to learn more about the species go here:  FoxFan Refference (Closed Species) by Belliko-art Heart

A halloween Batch!! yay!! :meow: this one have extras, please read ;D

Star! Auction Rules Star!

::::::: READ BEFORE YOU BID :::::::::

--Starting bid : $15.00
-- Minnimum bid increase: $2.00 USD
-- AB (each one): $60.00 USD
-- These are also open for points (1 USD = 100 Points)
-- Please state your bid in the bid comment and we will appreciate you to try to follow the bid chain
-- You must be able to pay when the aution ends
-- Think before you bid, "auction bids can not be backed out"

Star! Adoption Rules Star!
-- You may alter the design, add accesories, choose the gender
-- This is for your own personal use, treat it as an OC of yours
-- You can re-sell, trade or gift the design as long as the new owner agree with these rules
-- Do not claim as your own work
-- Enjoy c:

Star! Possessed Foxfan:  CLOSED         New Owner: :iconcrystal-comb: Thank you! :heart:
Star! Pumpkin Foxfan:  CLOSED             New Owner: :iconkawiku: Thank you! :heart:
Star! Oni Foxfan: Bid here                      Current Bid: 2300 :points: by :iconfucal: Thank you! :heart:
Star! Witch Foxfan: CLOSED                  New Owner: :icondoubledismine52695: Thank you! :heart:

Star! Extras Star!
Each Foxfan of this set comes with an 50x50 icon by: :iconeventt: Thank you!!!

Extra for possessed Foxfan: Possesed (will fix later Uu)

The auction ends on October  25, at 9:00 PM NST

Thanks everybody for your support! Heart
Note: Full version are bigger

If you win the auction the design becomes yours, and you will get the separate version of your Foxfan

Art, Design  (c) :iconbelliko-art:

Foxfans are a Closed Species from :iconbelliko-art:
Pumpkin Foxfan for Kawiku by Belliko-art
Pumpkin Foxfan for Kawiku
OMG! Thank you so much for the ABhug
This design is for :iconkawiku:
We're so happy you like it!! ;w; Explode la plz

Owner: :iconkawiku:

Art and Foxfans (c) :iconbelliko-art:
Possessed Foxfan For Crystal-Comb by Belliko-art
Possessed Foxfan For Crystal-Comb
For :iconcrystal-comb:

Thank you for AB this design! ;w; hdsvfs :hug: OMGsqueeeee....


Art (c) :iconbelliko-art:
Design (c) :iconcrystal-comb:
FoxFan Refference (Closed Species) by Belliko-art
FoxFan Refference (Closed Species)
My friend Reiquin had this idea, and both decided to do it an original species x3 they are basically bringers of the good luck!  we did a little story and myth for them, hope you enjoy!!

About Foxfans

Even though their origin is unknown, it's rummored foxfan were created by Inari, the japanese god of foxes, and Benzaiten the goddess of everything that flows and one of the Seven Gods of Fortune, so it's belived their mission is to bring good luck to people, promote art, and inspire to those around them :D



This summer I decided to clean the basement, there was a lot of old stuff on it, but then I found a beautiful hand carved chest  forgotten just there, it seemed to have oriental motifs, and some scriptures in kanji, however, the box had a lock with an open fan carved on it . Immediately, I wanted to know what the content was, and that idea haunted me for several days.
I tried to open the lock with multiple keys, but it did not work at all, the contents of that chest kept me intrigued though. Then it occurred to me that those kanji could have the instructions or at leart it would give me a clue, so I look for its meaning in the network. For my surprise, the translation was quite unusual, "bring luck to the world." I found it a little bit strange,  and I went back to the chest to verify that in fact, the kanji were correct,  while I was checking, I repeated that phrase, it was then that the lock felt! I jumped back, and watch how the top of the chest opened by itself.

Although I was a little scared, my curiosity was greater than my fear, and decided to approach to look what was inside of the chest. BEAUTIFUL FANS! They were of all colors and sizes. I took one, and appreciated the pattern design, but then, something even more strange happened, the bottom of the fan lit, and drew a silhouette, it was something like a fox. Yeah, I was holding the stranger fox I've ever seen in my hands, but it was very friendly and playful, hopped around.

I took another pair of fans, spread them and discovered that they were all foxes of all colors.
Inside the box, I found a scroll, after a research, I found the scroll was telling a story in where Inari, the Japanese god of foxes and Benzaiten, the goddess of everything that flows and one of the 7 Gods of Fortune, had created these foxes to attract good luck, so I think that is their mission.

I have lived with them and I think I can answer some questions about their behavior.

:bulletblack:What are they?
They're spirits of good luck! <33

:bulletblack:Can you separate a fan of the fox?

I don’t think so, I have not seen any of them without a fan, and if you pull the tail hard, it hurts them; also if the fan is damaged they got hurt.  What I have seen is that some of them tend to "camouflage", by absorbing inside of the fan, to make it looks as a fan only. It happens to the most shy, or if there is an imminent danger, but it really depends on their personality, not every Foxfan hide. The fan is an extension of them, and they can open it, move it and close it at their will.

:bulletblack:What if the fan got broken?

The fans are very resistant even though the material seems to be fragile, these fans are not common fans, however, if damaged, Foxfans seem to have the ability to regenerate, at least most of the time.

:bulletblack:Can I paint over the fantail?

Yes, but the stains and paint that don’t belongs to the original design tends to fall when it washes or with the time

:bulletblack:Do Foxfans need to eat?

They can eat almost everything you offer them but it seems is not vital for them though it makes them feel in better mood

:bulletblack:Are they aggressive?

Never with their owners, but they can be aggressive with other pets if they are aggressive with them, as a rule, Foxfans are very social and playful, although some are more dominant than others, again, depends on the character.

:bulletblack:Are their eyes always closed?

They´re able to open their eyes, but since they are very sensitive to the light they tend to have them "closed", though they don't close them completely, they're able to see through a very small space between the lashes, usually their eyes are dark brown.
Any other eyes color is pretty rare.

:bulletblack:Can Foxfans reproduce?

Apparently not, they may be limited to those that are in the chest.

:bulletblack:How many Foxfans are?

Many, hmm not so many, I do not know, I haven’t had time to count xD, but is a large chest

:bulletblack:Do they require a lot of care?

I've seen they fit well, some are more inactive than others, but they are very smart, and perceive the nature of their owners, so they do not usually give a lot of problems, most are very obedient, though ... there are exceptions…

:bulletblack:What size are they?

It is variable, depends on the fan mostly, but I can tell they are the size of an average rabbit

:bulletblack::star:How to have a Foxfan :star:

They are a closed species that resulted from a collaboration between Reiquin & Bellanle,  you can adopt one in auctions, sales, or special events like "Draw to adopt" or raffles we hold. Customs will be avaliable soon x3

:bulletblack:What to do with your Foxfan?
Treat it like any OC yours, give it a name, a genre, a personality, so far, we have not given them names, but the respond to the name you give them :heart:

:bulletblack:Can I design one?
Unfortunately no, this is a closed species and we’re not doing MYOs right now

:star:FOXFANS status
Trades: Closed
Custom : Closed (will be open soon!)

Currently OPEN designs: HALLOWEN EDITION! :D -> Halloween Foxfan//Auction//OPEN by Belliko-art

Other Designs: Seasonal Foxfan Auction// CLOSED by Belliko-artFoxfan Auction// CLOSED // by Belliko-art

Meet Momo our official foxfan: Momo// Refference by Belliko-art :heart::heart:

:heart:Thank you everyone for your support comments and favs! :hug: :heart:
We are full of hope with this new species x3, it has inspired us a lot and we have dedicated our time and effort on it. We hope that you can appreciate it, and hopefully in the future we can see a lot of art of these cute little foxes of good fortune and fulfill their mission of inspire people! :heart:

Foxfans are a closed species by :iconbelliko-art:
Do not use or retrace

Thank you.....Seeking Art!! and Art-trades CLOSED!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 26, 2014, 7:51 PM

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for your support!! ;w; We're so happy you liked our new original species, the Foxfan :heart:

In fact, we decided to do one for us!La la la la Meet Momo!!:happybounce: 

Momo// Refference by Belliko-art

We hope to do more Foxfan soon! :heart:

Seeking Art (CLOSED)
We're seeking pixel icons or pixel art for Momo -we're not good with pixels...- Who has time for an icon or pixel commission? Excited  We can pay in USD, please show us your pixel art and prices ;w; ....

Art-trades (CLOSED)
We're openning 3 slots for Art-trades... but please, just ask for an art trade if you have time to do it ;m; we don't want to wait a lot this time... we're seeking art for Momo <3 if you're interested in a trade, please post!!  we're going to choose (just in case more of 3 people is interested in doing a trade Sweating a little... )

Art Trades:
:star::iconreyniki: AT: Display by ReynikiAT: Tiny Momo by Reyniki //  To the white zone/ AT by Belliko-art
:star::iconangel-soma: Her part:AT_Momo by Angel-soma// Furion /AT by Belliko-art
:star: :iconleticiaprestes: Her part:Pink beauty by leticiaprestes //Misty/ AT by Belliko-art


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